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About Us

The mission of the Heal Thy Life Center is simple: To improve the lives of women and girls through education and increased access to resources.

  • Address the overall health condition of women and girls

    (physically, mentally, and spiritually) through hands-on workshops, health seminars, lectures, and retreats. Prevention and management of common health conditions are addressed using a variety of natural healing modalities and food.

  • Educate and inspire through our free virtual newsletters, social media outlets, online communities, and other social gatherings and networking opportunities.

  • Facilitate large and small group sessions for individuals, organizations, and schools focused on conflict resolution, healing, self-analysis, loss, nutrition, and more. Connect individuals and organizations with resources that further support their progress.

Our Programs

Balancing Mind & Body, Nourishing with Purpose, and Cultivating Resilient Self-Worth for a Vibrant, Fulfilling Life.

Balancing The Plate

of Life

A holistic program teaching mind-body balance through workshops/one-on-one sessions, meditation, and expert led classes, emphasizing stress management, mental clarity, and physical well-being. Join us on this transformative journey toward inner peace, healing, and well-being.

Nutritional Wellness

Imagine a transformative nutritional wellness program designed exclusively for women and girls. A journey that embraces empowerment through nourishment. This isn't just about food; it's about cultivating a vibrant, sustainable lifestyle that celebrates every facet of feminine strength.Together, we learn to listen to our bodies, to honor their whispers and cravings whole foods, mindful eating, and intuitive nourishment.

Why I am Enough


A mentoring program for young girls focusing on faith, mindset development, and personal growth, offering mentorship, activities, and workshops to foster resilience and positivity.
Join us on this transformative journey as we empower young girls to embrace their true potential and create a life filled with love, purpose, and joy.

Improve Your Life

Your Healing Tools

Embarking on a Holistic Path: From Mindful Healing Techniques and Yoga to Nutritional Wisdom and the Power of Positive Affirmations, Discover a Comprehensive Approach to Renewed Well-being and Self-Empowerment.

Breaking the Cycle of Disease

A balanced diet tailored to your body's needs, encompassing diverse food groups and exercise for optimal health and vitality.Get your nutritional assessment with us today!

Connecting To My Inner Being

Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga for mental and physical harmony, complemented by aromatherapy, sound healing, and nutrition for comprehensive well-being. Book a session today!

Affirming Myself to a New Way of Living

Harness the power of positive statements to reshape beliefs, manifest outcomes, and transform your life through consistent reinforcement and unwavering faith.

Stop Disease By What You Put in Your Mouth

It is widely recognized that a person's eating habits can have a significant impact on their overall health. Poor dietary choices and unhealthy eating habits can lead to the development of various diseases in the body. It is crucial to recognize the importance of adopting a balanced and nutritious diet to maintain optimal health and reduce the risk of developing various diseases.

Eat To Live

Make a list of your favorite fruits

Shop at local farmers markets

Learn how to make a healthy snack

Declare nutrition is as important as breathing.

Detox your mind & body

You Deserve To Thrive

You are worth all the blessings you will receive.

Rest Intentionally

Release Your Daily Stress

End your day with expressing what you are grateful for.

Wellness is your birthright!

Healthy Tips of The Month

Each month, we bring you a collection of valuable tips and insights to help you lead a healthier and happier life. From nutrition and fitness advice to mental and emotional well-being, we cover a wide range of topics to cater to your overall health. Stay tuned for expert

recommendations, easy-to-follow strategies, and practical tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Whether you are looking to improve your diet, boost your energy levels, or reduce stress, our monthly tips will empower you to make positive changes and achieve your wellness goals. Start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today!

Food is Medicine

The food of the month is cucumbers!

1. Cucumbers are mostly composed of water, which makes them an excellent way to stay hydrated.

2. They are low in calories but high in important vitamins and minerals like vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

3. Cucumbers contain antioxidants like flavonoids and tannins, which help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and reduce inflammation.

4. Cucumbers are high in fiber, which aids in digestion and helps prevent constipation. They also contain enzymes that can assist in the breakdown of food.

5. Due to their low calorie and high water content, cucumbers can be a beneficial addition to a weight-loss or weight-management diet.

6. The potassium in cucumbers can help regulate blood pressure, which is essential for heart health.

7. Cucumbers contain compounds like cucurbitacin and lignans, which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.

8. Cucumbers are a source of vitamin K, which is important for bone health and promoting calcium absorption.

9. Cucumbers have natural detoxifying properties due to their high water and fiber content, which can help flush out toxins from the body.


The essential oil of the month is Jasmine!

1. Aromatherapy: Jasmine essential oil is known for its soothing and calming scent, making it ideal for use in aromatherapy. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation.

2. Mood enhancer: The aroma of jasmine essential oil is believed to have antidepressant properties. It can uplit the mood, boost confidence, and increase feelings of happiness and positivity.

3. Skin care: Jasmine essential oil is often used in skincare products due to its moisturizing and nourishing proper8es. It can help improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and promote a glowing complexion.

4. Anti-inflammatory: Jasmine essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation on the skin. It can also be beneficial in soothing minor skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

5.Antiseptic: The oil has antiseptic properties that can help prevent infections and promote faster healing of wounds. It can be used topically to cleanse and disinfect cuts, scrapes, and burns.

6. Aphrodisiac: Jasmine essential oil is known for its aphrodisiac properties and has been used for centuries to enhance romance and intimacy. It can help increase libido, improve sexual performance, and create a sensual atmosphere.

7. Sleep aid: The relaxing properties of jasmine essential oil make it an excellent sleep aid. It can help calm the mind, reduce insomnia, and promote a result night's sleep.

8. Hair care: Jasmine essential oil can help improve the health and appearance of hair. It can strengthen the hair follicles, reduce breakage, and add shine and luster to the hair strands. It's important to note that jasmine essential oil should be used in moderation and diluted with a carrier oil before applying it directly to the skin.

Fitness for the mind and body

This month’s fitness activity is yoga!

1. Improved flexibility: Practicing yoga regularly can help improve flexibility and range of motion in the body. This can make daily activities easier and reduce the risk of injuries.

2. Increased strength: Yoga poses require you to support your body weight in various positions, which helps build strength in the muscles. This can lead to improved physical performance in other activities.

3. Stress reduction: Yoga incorporates deep breathing and relaxation techniques, which can help calm the mind and reduce stress levels. Regular practice can improve overall mental well-being and promote a sense of peace and tranquility.

4. Better posture: Many yoga poses focus on improving posture by strengthening the core muscles and aligning the spine. This can help alleviate back and neck pain caused by poor posture.

5. Enhanced balance and coordination: Yoga poses often require balance and concentration, which can improve overall balance and coordination.

6. Increased mindfulness: Yoga encourages mindfulness and present-moment awareness. This can help you become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, leading to improved self-awareness and a greater sense of overall well-being.

7. Improved cardiovascular health: Some styles of yoga, such as Vinyasa or Power Yoga, can provide a cardiovascular workout that can improve heart health and circulation.

8. Better sleep: The relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercises practiced in yoga can help calm the nervous system and promote better sleep. Regular yoga practice can help reduce insomnia and improve the quality of sleep.

9. Boosted immune system: Yoga has been shown to boost the immune system by reducing stress hormones and increasing the activity of immune cells. This can help prevent illness and improve overall health.

10. Increased self-confidence: As you progress in your yoga practice and master new poses, you may experience an increased sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. It's important to note that these benefits can vary from person to person, and regular practice is key to experiencing the full range of benefits that yoga has to offer.

Healthy Choices

Connect the Mind & Body

This connection allows for a deeper understanding and awareness of oneself, leading to

enhanced overall well-being and improved physical and mental health. Come into the nature of

who you are!

Natural is Nature

Natural being nature refers to the innate essence & characteristics of living organisms and the environment in which they exist, encompassing the

interconnectedness and balance of ecosystems within and the cycles of life. We are what we eat physically, mentally and spiritually.

Circadian Movement

Daily body movement is important because it helps to improve cardiovascular health,

strengthen muscles, and maintain a healthy weight. It also helps to improve mental health,

increase energy levels, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Let’s get to moving!

Ending with Gratitude

Show God your gratitude! Ending with gratitude is important because it shows appreciation for

the help or support received, and it helps to maintain positive relationships and goodwill

beginning with your relationship with self. It also sets a positive tone for future interactions and

encourages further assistance.

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